Quick Specs

  • Large volume 51,480 U.S gallons/hour
  • Light and portable, so compact it can be transported in a car trunk
  • Economical and speedy operation, just set it and forget it.
  • Floats on water (skims) and settles to bottom or low spot as water recedes
  • Long life and very durable , a pig of a pump!
  • Metal gears ( oil bath in a enclosed gear case)

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The Warthog Pump
  • Pumps 3200 liters (850 gallons) per minute, that’s 192,000 liters (51,000 gallons) per hour.
  • Weighs only 38kg (85 pounds), a one person job.
  • Set it up in minutes…. set it on the water, roll out the hose, pull the cord and walk away. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!
  • Highly fuel efficient design pumps more than 3 million liters (750,000 gallons) water in 15 hours using only 26 liters of fuel.
  • Pumps continuously for twelve to fifteen hours between refueling intervals with optional auxiliary floating fuel tank.
Capacity Pump Engine
Total Dynamic Head 31/ft 9.45/meters Net Weight 85 lbs / 38.5 kgs Make KOHLER
5 ft 195,000 Litres/Hr.
51,480 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Height 20.5 inches / 520 mm Type High output OHV
10 ft 188,220 Litres/Hr.
49,680 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Diameter 30.5 inches / 775 m Lubrication Oil Splash
15 ft 128,220 Litres/Hr.
33,840 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Body Material Fiberglass RPM Variable to 3600
20 ft 95,460 Litres/Hr.
25,200 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Impeller Material High Strength Composite Emissions Meets or exceeds all US EPA PH2 & EC Stage II

Whatever the challenge, waste water removal, emergency flood mitigation, irrigation, fire and emergency services support, or removing water from your job site, you’ll find The Warthog Pump rugged, reliable, and ready for it!

Warthog Products International Inc. is the innovative company behind this unique, high volume, lightweight, fuel efficient, rugged, self priming floating pump. The company carries a significant inventory of pumps and accessories to ensure availability when disaster strikes. And in the meantime the innovation and testing continues every day, which results in frequent improvements like higher volumes, higher head pressures, quick connect couplers, a virtually indestructible body, a lot of handy new accessories, and a patent pending floating fuel tank that allows fpr continous pumping for greatly extended refueling intervals.

Feature Benefit
No need to find a dry flat solid surface to pump from Quicker set up and response time, no getting stuck
Draws pumpwater from just below the surface Less bottom or floating debris – although debris wont hurt this pump
Extremely lightweight Makes it extremely portable for quicker response times,and entry into difficult areas or spaces.
High capacity, Over 850 US Gals/min Able to move large amounts of liquids in far less time