About Us

Warthog Products International Inc. is focused on one thing. Making a great pump!

Our success so far has come from continuous innovation of the pump and development of some great accessories to make life easier for those out doing the pumping.

The best way we have found to do that is to talk with our customers a lot, and ask them how they are using the pump, and how it’s working for them. They always have great ideas, and we try to listen and learn, and then come home to try some new things. This has resulted in quick connect hose couplings, a 12 hour fuel tank that is EPA certified, the hose hold down kit, several choices of hose, a sprinkler hose, and many more cool things almost ready for release.

This is not the movies where nobody gets hurt. A lot of pumps have actually been completely wrecked in the making of what we sell today, and the destruction continues as pumps are taken to their limits of height, distance, RPM, viscosity, temperature, neglect, vibration, impact, and duration. As a result, we have a very tough pump today, and it pumps 30% more volume than the pump we started with.

The innovation will continue, we already have a great pump, and it will get better in time. In the meantime, new accessories will make it easier and faster to use the pump.